[time-nuts] Looking for PZT3904T1G transistors

John Ackermann N8UR jra at febo.com
Wed Jul 4 08:25:53 EDT 2018

Dear Friends --

I need to find 150+ pieces of transistor type PZT3904T1G, SOT223 package 
(with heatsink tab), equivalent to Digikey PZT3904T1G0SCT-ND.

These are used in the TNS-BUF buffer amplifier that we're trying to 
manufacture, and they seem to be on worldwide shortage; none of the 
usual sources can provide them prior to November (and that's a slip from 
the originally-quoted August ship date).

I've found one source (Rochester Electronics) that seems to have them, 
but they have a minimum order of 2778 pieces, which is a bit of overkill 
compared to the 150 we need to build 50 boards.  We'll use that source 
if the other options turn up dry.

When I mentioned this previously, a couple of folks said they might have 
some stashed away.  I'd like to follow up on that offer -- if you can 
supply some of these (ideally 150, but less will still help), please 
contact me off-list at jra at febo dot com.


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