[time-nuts] Looking for PZT3904T1G transistors

jimlux jimlux at earthlink.net
Wed Jul 4 09:43:05 EDT 2018

On 7/4/18 5:25 AM, John Ackermann N8UR wrote:

> I've found one source (Rochester Electronics) that seems to have them, 
> but they have a minimum order of 2778 pieces, which is a bit of overkill 
> compared to the 150 we need to build 50 boards.  We'll use that source 
> if the other options turn up dry.

Rochester Electronics is the "leader in the trailing edge" of 
electronics - they buy old stock and more importantly old mask sets and 
fab equipment. Their whole business is supplying past end-of-life parts 
for replacement purposes.

Their minimum order probably means they need to do a fab run on some 3" 
or 4" wafers or something.  Heck, just getting small diameter wafers is 
probably a challenge.

They are an invaluable (but expensive) service for people maintaining or 
trying to duplicate an older design.

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