[time-nuts] Oscilloquartz 3210 Cesium Standard Schematics

Giorgio Barinetti giorgio at barinetti.it
Wed Jul 11 18:17:53 EDT 2018

Hi Guys,

i have been lucky to found a working Oscilloquartz 3210 Cesium ( warehouse of a telco operator ) in a good shape.

Powers up, seems ok and stable ( capacitors on the unit has 10/1974 date, so very old unit, serial 83), but the signal
>From the preamplifier is a little low and the Ion Pump current is 0. Like the 3 Kv supply is low ?

Like to investigate but it will be nice to have a schematic.

I've found a 2014 message where Tom was willing to scan the remaining part of the manual, so I'm kindly asking :)

Giorgio Barinetti

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