[time-nuts] Spectrum Instruments TM4 GPSDO

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 27 18:37:46 EDT 2018

I have a TM4 manual, but don't have a TM4.   Heather now has some hooks in it for the TM4.   I'd need a TM4 (at least for a couple of weeks) to properly implement the TM4 support (one is on Ebay for $4000+ ... no thanks).

Or if somebody with a TM4 can capture around 5 minutes of data from the device, I can use that as a starting point.


>  If so, they can do either their custum binary protocoll or NMEA. I
have been meaning to suggest for Mark Sims that it would be a
apreciated addition to Lady Heather to add the binary protocoll.
I should have a manual around, if the TM-4 manual can't be found on
the internet.

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