[time-nuts] nuts about position

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Sun Jun 3 02:11:12 EDT 2018


It would be nice to have direct access to the carrier-phase, but to
rebuild that from doppler takes some care. Doing a mock phase-setup is
trivial, but one then have the full noise of the code-phase, as well as
double ionspheric offset to overcome, so that is not the best starting
point. This is not just integger ambiguity, you really do not have a
phase point to start at, but just changes in phase.

Anyway, I am happy I could contribute some ideas and also some code, and
that it works out. Being able to produce RINEX files and post-process
them for better accuracy or whatever should be a great improvement, so
it is worth a bit of effort. Also, it's a great learning tool.


On 06/03/2018 07:57 AM, Mark Sims wrote:
> Well,  with a little prodding and help from Magnus,  I now have the Trimble devices outputting RINEX files.  They have pseudorange, doppler, and signal strength observations.  A 5 hour 1Hz run was sent to CSRS-PPP and the lat/lon/alt error ellipses were in the 250/250/700 mm range... that should improve with a longer run.
> Firmware issues in the original Resolution-T limit those to a 3 second observation rate.
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