[time-nuts] a newbie question: where can I purchase 794.7 nm VCSEL for building CPT rubidium clock?

mimitech mimitech mimitech at gmail.com
Mon Jun 4 09:31:56 EDT 2018

Hi, list member

I'm planning to build a CPT (coherent-population-trapping) rubidium clock
as my next hobby project. The main purpose is to learn the principles
behind CPT rubidium clock, and hopefully got similar or better performance
than commercial miniature rubidium clock such as FE-5680A.

To build this clock, I think for the Rb 87 vapor cell I could use a cell
removed from commercial rubidium clock. Another import component is 794.7
nm VCSEL laser diode. Does anyone know some good sources I could buy small
quantities (< 5pcs) of this special wavelength VCSEL (perfer a model
targeting for CPT rubidium clock applications), and what’s approximate
price? if necessary you could send relevant information to my email
<mimitech AT gmail DOT com>. Has anyone else already done or is doing
similar projects? I'd be very appreciative to know what your thoughts and
suggestions for this project. Thanks very much.

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