[time-nuts] Source for DC-blocking 50-ohm terminators? (Spectracom 8140)

Dave M dgminala at mediacombb.net
Mon Jun 4 11:43:37 EDT 2018

 I have a Spectracom 8140 also, and have the same problem.  I found a couple 
of the 10 MHz Line Taps on Ebay at reasonable price, however, I would like 
to eliminate them. The +12C at the 10MHz outputs is the power for the line 
taps, which are meant to drive long distribution lines  in a plant.
If you don't have a copy of the manual for the 8140, you can download it 
from Spectracom's web site 
Look at the schematic, you can see that you can remove the inductors 
associated with the outputs  (L9, L10, L11 and L12), and the DC will be gone 
from the outputs.  Much easier and cheaper than DC blocks, and safer for 
your equipment in case you forget to install a DC block..

Dave M



[time-nuts] Source for DC-blocking 50-ohm terminators? (Spectracom 8140)
Julien Goodwin Sun, 03 Jun 2018 21:10:45 -0700

I'm looking at using a Spectracom 8140 for 10Mhz distribution, and they
specify using a DC-blocking 50-ohm terminator on each run.These seem to be 
odd enough that none of my usual sources have them
(75-ohm DC-blocking terminators yes, 50-ohm, no).

While it's easy enough to chain a DC block and a terminator, I'd prefer
a single module I can more obviously label as the line termination. 

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