[time-nuts] Raw phase data of super-5065

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Tue Jun 5 05:44:42 EDT 2018

   Hi Attila,
   I am doing the long therm stability test on a couple of HP5065, one original A type, the second B or "super" compared with my best long therm stability, a GPSDO HPz3816A.
   This test will be 30 days long. It is a second test, with a second couple of HP5065A/B, to verify the long therm stability of both the version.

   Up to now the data available for version B or "super" only concerned the improvement of phase noise.

   From the first results it seems that the HP5065A is more stable within 30days than the modified version with the filter.
   It must be considered that the short-term stability of 5065 is better than the GPSDO / TICC up to 10-80k sec then, in this test configuration the valid data will be beyond these values.
   The results will be ready within 28 days and I will be happy to share them in order to have everyone's opinion.

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   Oggetto [time-nuts] Raw phase data of super-5065
   Hoi zäme!

   Would one (preferably multiple) of the owners of a super-5065 be so kind
   and share the raw phase data of an super-5065 against a stable reference
   with me? The longer the data trace, the better.

   Thanks in advance!

   Attila Kinali

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