[time-nuts] Antennas for Symettricom 2500 Time Source

Dan Rae danrae at verizon.net
Sat Jun 9 16:31:14 EDT 2018

On 6/9/2018 12:05 PM, Bruce Hunter via time-nuts wrote:
> Has anyone stumbled across the 12V antennas for Symmetricom 2500 Time Source units.
I have a Symmetricom "Replacement GPS Antenna Kit" P/N 142-614-50 which 
consists of "one wide range 5-12 VDC L1 antenna" and 50 feet of Belden 
9104 coax terminated with a BNC.  Plus the hardware and stub mast to fix 
it to a vent pipe or similar.  I don't know what system this antenna was 
designed for but the 5-12V spec is interesting.

Dan - ac6ao

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