[time-nuts] 2 X R-388's W/non-original cases for sale

Perry Sandeen sandeenpa at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 10 20:53:48 EDT 2018

Hi List,
Besides a four sail ad, it's a bit of a bottom feeder story.
Several weeks ago, I made a post of 3 R-338's for sale.  One was missing the S-meter so I listed it a *parts unit*.
I also stated that FedEx shipping based on my experience  for the units with cases would be in the $125 range each.
The next day I get a long distance call from XXXXX  who lives in XX, a state far, far away from CA. Who wanted to buy both R-388's with cases.
He askes me *Am I near a military base?*    No, I reply curiously asking why he asked?
Well he was retired militay he vagely implied a had some special shipping araignment available.
He then asks *Do I know of a freight shipping place nearby?*   I reply that I have no idea, but I curiously ask why?
His relpy was that they *could be strapped to a palate for cheap shipping.*
Next he asks if * I would hold the radios for 24 hours while he checked shipping prices?*  Sure, No Problemo.
So the next or so I get an email stating that the cheapest shipping that he could find was $225 and *these were PARTS radios and he coluld get an estate R-388 for IIRC $250.*  I took that to mean he felt my prices were too high.
Now I don't know how he missed the part whereI had said that the radios came with IREC tube shields and a case, but were complete.
Now any radio with *Bathtub* cap need to have them replaced because of high ESR being 60 years old.
It has been well reported by Bill Orr and others that the resistor network in the HV that's used to create negative bias chages value resulting in poor performance.
So I still have 2 X R-388's for sale that have IREC tube shields, are in non-OEM cases, have bath tub and a electrolytic filter cap that should be repla---- retired as it is OEM.
So the price is still $125 each plus a larger shipping price due to the weight of case. Estimate $100+ (Do an original email please)
If one can find a better deal, please but it and inform the list so we all can be envious.  Like the guys who got WWII surplus jeeps for $50 in long past times.

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