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Hi Nigel,

It will also be the first info on the 607B that I have ever seen.... I will certainly download it when I get home (work filtering forbids it, with much else....). Should allow me to fish my one out of the attic and actually use it - after letting the magic smoke out of the tants, of course :-)
Many thanks, in advance, for your efforts.

Paul,    G8GJA

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Perhaps not a very common item, and probably restricted to the UK, but I have seen these mentioned here before.

The 607B was a very nice 2 to 30MHz synthesiser used as the drive unit in the UK Diplomatic Service Piccolo radio system.

Both Sayrosa and Piccolo are long gone, and information has always been hard to come by, but I've just scanned the 607B Training Manual and 607B Technical Handbook and uploaded PDF versions of both to Mediafire.

This documentation is quite limited but so far is all I've ever seen for the 607B.

Both can be found in a single file at....


For what it's worth, my experience with these has been that by far the most common fault is the familiar shorted tantalum syndrome.

Nigel GM8PZR
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