[time-nuts] Casio Wave Ceptor wrist watch - quick accuracy test

Esa Heikkinen tn1ajb at nic.fi
Mon Jun 11 04:20:06 EDT 2018


There seems to be some kind of comeback going on with 80's style digital 
  watches. You may find replicas of some 80's models or even re-makes of 
the original models from original manufacturer.

So I decided to get one. As a time-nut my primary goal was to have radio 
controlled 'atomic' model. So I ended up to Casio Wave Ceptor 
WV-59DE-1AVEF. There's many models available from basic digital models 
like this to very nice ones with with full titanium body (analog style). 
But because of the 80's is hot it had to be digital...

Wave Ceptors suport all time signals formats (US, UK/German and Japan) 
and correct standard is automatically selected when home city is set.

One of the first things to do was to test the accuracy with radio 
syncronization turned off. Correct time was fist set with DCF77. Then I 
switched off the synconization. After beign about three days off there 
was no significiant visible error on time. In the video we can see 
however about one frame error, which means about 40 milliseconds. Still 
that's pretty good result for wrist watch. Also, the syncronization will 
occur once per day when the reception is good.

So the watch must be at least calibrated in the factory. Don't know if 
the watch performs any kind of self-calibration according to radio 
syncronization results, most likely not - but it would be technically 

So far so good, it's accurate enough - at least as new. When 
syncronization is turned on, there should never be visible error on time.

Here's my test video:


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