[time-nuts] Seeking Toyocom or NDK through hole oscillator information

skipp isaham skipp025 at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 14 01:53:12 EDT 2018

Seeking Toyocom or NDK through hole oscillator information

Hello again to the group,

I'm looking for a Data Sheet or information that would provide
the connection information for a (Epson) Toyocom TCO-519 or NDK
PIA3003A Oscillator module, both are through hole mounting.

Both appear to be a reasonably conventional, but now a discontinued
through-hole part, but I'm unable to find any same or similar data
sheet information that would tell me how to use connect them. Both
are 16.368 MHz

Appearance wise, they are both an approx 1 inch square, 3/8" high,
silver metal covered oscillator module. Five through hole mounting
connection leads on the bottom, one in each corner, the fifth lead
is centered along the side between two corners.

A data sheet or even just the generic connection information with
an idea of what each pin does would be wonderful. A few of these
arrived in a parts donation box hand labeled "Trimble Development".

Possibly something Trimble significant with the 16.368 MHz
frequency that I'm not yet aware of... if anyone would care
to speculate, please do.

Thank you in advance for your replies


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