[time-nuts] febo.com mailing list reconfiguration completed

John Ackermann N8UR jra at febo.com
Fri Jun 15 10:16:08 EDT 2018

The febo.com mailing list system update has completed.

Messages to any febo.com list should be sent to

The web interface is accessible at

The list archives are accessible at

You may see a security warning when accessing the web interface.  That's 
because we haven't yet updated the SSL certificate to name 
lists.febo.org.  It's safe to ignore the warning and we will get the 
certificate updated as soon as possible.

Note that we have deleted many lists that were no longer active.  The 
archives for those lists are currently off-line but will be available at 
the febo.com web site in a few days.

John N8UR

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