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Dave B g8kbvdave at googlemail.com
Sat Jun 16 08:47:15 EDT 2018


Others have done similar with a Raspberry Pi and display for very much
less cost.  There are several examples described on personal pages if
you search.  Re-purposed Android tablet's could also be used too, as I
have used in the past.

There are PoE conversions for the Pi's as well, if needed.


Dave B.


On 15/06/18 16:25, time-nuts-request at lists.febo.com wrote:
> Subject: [time-nuts] Affordable PoE 6-digit time displays?
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> I'd hoped that ebay or aliexpress would yield a bounty given how seemingly
> simple these are, but I'm drawing a blank (and finding a lot of $300+ new
> options).  Anyone have a favorite source for either flat wall-mount or
> rackmount displays that will pull from an NTP/SNTP/whatever server?
> (if wall-mount, PoE is optimal).  Used good.  Cheap good.  Looks good next
> to my random collection of antiquated time measurement gear provides
> amusement value but isn't really critical. :-)
> Thanks!
>   -Dave

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