[time-nuts] GPS Antenna Grounding/Lightning protection.

Martin VE3OAT ve3oat at storm.ca
Tue Jun 19 12:16:46 EDT 2018

I put my GPS antenna only as high as it needed to be to clear any 
accumulation of snow in the winter, so it is about 3 feet above the 
peak of the roof of the house and about 19 feet above ground level. 
The 8-inch ground-plane under the puck antenna is grounded to my radio 
ground.  No other precautions have been taken except to disconnect the 
antenna from the receiver whenever storms are expected or when I will 
be absent.  With this set up LH almost always reports 8 satellites 
being tracked.

Having said that, the yard is "protected" by a 48-foot tower with a 
4-element Yagi for 14 MHz atop it and lots of ground rods and radials. 
  The house is "protected" by a 28 foot TV-type tower at one end of 
the house.

Still "waiting" for my first lightning strike  --  hope I am long-gone 
before it arrives.

... Martin   VE3OAT

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