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Well one time nut did. Think its John and a ham K5??? call.
He wrote the process up using an external supply.
Thats why I have a 3KV supply on the shelf.

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> Yo Dudes!
> A while back someone asked about the life of a HP Cs tube.
>  Fromthe HP 5061B Operators Manual:
>  “2.7  The shelf life of the cesium beam tube I twoyears at storage
> temperatures up to +35 C (+95F) if the ion pump is operated 2 or 3 times a
> year.  If the ion pump is not operated to maintainthe vacuum within the
> cesium beam tube, the expected shelf life is reduced.”
>  “2.8  Temperature during storage and shipmentshould be limited as follows:
>  a.   Maximum temperature: +75 C (167F).  Long term storage: +35 C (95F).
>  b.   Minimum temperature: - 40 C  (-40).
>  NOTE:
> Whenstoring the HP 5061B for 6 months or longer, set the MODE switch to CS
> OFF andapply continuous as line power to the instrument.  This enables the
> ion pump to maintain thevacuum within the cesium beam tube with the cesium
> beam tube off.”
> Bold emphasis by HP
> Mysnarky comment about 2.7.   Shelf lifeinfers a tube uninstalled in
> storage.  OK,how about a detailed procedure with drawings, for taking the
> tube and temporarilyrunning the ion pump to extend the shelf life?.
> Apparently no oneread this comment and thought about its logical
> implementation.
> Regards,
> Perrier
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