[time-nuts] Trimble 57963-80-DA1 assembly.. request for schematic

Angus not.again at btinternet.com
Wed Jun 20 17:52:34 EDT 2018


On the 57963-D (57964-80 in firmware) that I have, the power up
sequence after being off a short time is:

Both LEDs red for 3 seconds, briefly blink other colours, then the ALM
LED goes off and the ACT one goes solid green. It starts tracking GPS
during this period.
At 2m, the ACT LED starts blinking slowly, on one second and off the
At about 7m40s the ACT LED starts to blink fast - several times a
second. The UCCM status goes from OCXO WARMUP to ACTIVE, and the 10MHz
output is enabled.

There is info back on this list and the EEVBlog, but no circuit that
I've seen.

Some connection info - http://tipok.org.ua/node/53

I traced out almost all the connections, but can't find that file at
the moment. A lot go to the FPGA.

As for the PCB it's connected to, there are probably various different
versions of that, so you might have to post pics if it - I have no
info anyway.
Other than the MCX connectors and flat cable, are there any wires
going to the 57963?


On Wed, 20 Jun 2018 23:46:37 +1200, you wrote:

>Hi, I just received one ex-China GPSDO`s which uses the assembly mentioned
>above. It is nicely built, but has a design problem with the ACT
>[activity], and ALM [alarm] LED`s on the ancilliary pcb not following the
>LED`s on the Trimble pcb  - they don`t activate properly. Would one who
>knows please point me in the direction of the circuit of this assembly.
>Also, would somebody who has a GPSDO which uses this assembly, please
>confirm the correct led status when the crystal oscillator is correctly
>diciplined by the GPS, and "on frequency"
>Thankyou for your concideration of this!
>Cheers................................................Don Collie
>                                                 ZL4GX
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