[time-nuts] PC time error interesting cause

Tim Tuck timt at skybase.net
Sat Jun 23 17:31:08 EDT 2018

Hi all,

I have a PC that I use for ham stuff etc. and as part of the normal 
build I added NTP keep it on track for the things such as WSPR, JT65 etc.

I also installed the Meinberg Time Monitor to keep an eye on things. 
What I found was that over a day of operation, the time would slip 
nearly two seconds and sometimes randomly jump forward two seconds or so.

I didn't think there was anything wrong with the PC since it was a fresh 
install of Windows 7 with minimal applications installed.

What I eventually found was that the "Power Options" item default of 
"balanced" was the cause for this PC's time slips. Changing the setting 
to "High Performance" stopped the time walking around.

Interestingly I have another PC set to "Balanced" that does not exhibit 
this problem.

Has anyone else seen this effect ?




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