[time-nuts] 1 pps Sync'ing

Martyn Smith expertengineer at live.co.uk
Sun Jun 24 06:37:44 EDT 2018


I am a newbie question.

I have an application where I have a 10 MHz and 100 MHz squarewave output from my GPS frequency standard.

The frequency standard uses the PRS10 rubidium.  The 100 MHz output is just a 100 MHz VCO locked to the 10 MHz.

These outputs are disciplined by the GPS's 1 pps (as far as frequency).  But they are not in phase with it.

I need the rising edges of both the 10 MHz and 100 MHz squarewave outputs to be aligned with the GPS 1 pps (UTC) to within 1 ns.

Anyone already done this?  I'm sure I've seen a distribution amplifier that does this at 10 MHz.

But the 100 MHz is actually the more important one that I need to align.



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