[time-nuts] Setting Time on WSPR Radio Transmitter

Brooke Clarke brooke at pacific.net
Mon Jun 25 20:04:07 EDT 2018

Hi again:

I've found out there are twoTimeSync time displays "Atomic time" and "system time".  System time can not be adjusted in 
Android phones without rooting them, but the displayed "atomic time" is supposed to be the actual time, so this app can 
be used to get an accurate display of the current time on a stock phone, it just can not adjust the stock phone's time 
to better than 30 seconds.

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Brooke Clarke
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> Hi:
> I've uninstalled TimeSync from my cell phone since it needs the phone to be rooted in order to change the system 
> time.  In the rootless mode of TimeSync you can only get to 30 seconds of error and WSPR needs maybe a fraction of a 
> second.  There's a simple procedure to add a web page as an icon and I've done that for the time.is web page.

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