[time-nuts] Setting Time on WSPR Radio Transmitter

Dave B g8kbvdave at googlemail.com
Tue Jun 26 12:26:35 EDT 2018

I don't know what cellular carrier you are using, but GSM phones can use
"System" (as in GSM system, GPS disciplined) as their time source, and
it works very well to within a small fraction of a second.   Well, here
in the UK, Europe and Turkey where I've travelled to in the recent past,
and the phone(s) all sync up to "local" time automatically just fine.  
Even the last trip to the US two+ years ago, the phones "just worked and
sync'd OK, all by themselves.

Check your Android system settings, under System, then Date and Time. 
Enable "Automatic date & time (Use Network-provided time)".

At least that's how it works on my Motorola, and with similar settings
on a Samsung I carry for work.

If you're not using a GSM system, then sorry for the above spurious.  If
you are using a GSM system, then perhaps the carrier has got it wrong,
or your phone is faulty, or has crypto-mining malware resident using all
the CPU.  (Android has an open port issue, visible over WiFi it seems,
but not usually over the cellular link.)

I wouldn’t bother trying to use NTP over a mobile data channel anyway. 
The ping to ping latency is "very" variable as you are usually proxied
to hell and back through many network routers and filters, that's if
they don't block such use.  And especially if you are on the edge of

As to time setting for portable PC based WSPR etc.  Just use a common or
garden GPS RX, that can talk to the PC.  And any of the common software
tools that can jam the system clock to sync to the reported time from
the GPS.  PPS lines are nice, but for WSPR and the JT modes, that sort
of accuracy isn't needed.

In the shack, just point your PC's to use the ntp pool project
(pool.ntp.org) even Windows manages that OK.  Don’t bother with the
default Windows time servers, they are effectively DDoS'ed off the
planet by the gazillions of other machines trying to get time.

If you absolutely need to (due to a very sloppy CPU/system clock) then
edit the registry to increase the frequency of NTP poll's to keep the
time up to date.   Google is your friend, as always.

The ultimate convenience, for portability, and psuedo timenuts accuracy
(should you need) is one of Leo Bodnar's LeoNTP devices.  A portable GPS
driven NTP server.   Job done.   (No affiliation.)


Dave B.

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> Hi again:
> I've found out there are twoTimeSync time displays "Atomic time" and "system time".  System time can not be adjusted in 
> Android phones without rooting them, but the displayed "atomic time" is supposed to be the actual time, so this app can 
> be used to get an accurate display of the current time on a stock phone, it just can not adjust the stock phone's time 
> to better than 30 seconds.

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