[time-nuts] Setting Z3801 date

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Sat Mar 3 02:16:29 EST 2018

> My Z3801A happily accepted a recent year (2016?) when it rolled over.   You
> have to do the power-down,   disconnect antenna, send corrected date, power
> down, connect antenna, power up sequence.   I don't think the updated date
> appears until the unit starts tracking satellites again. 

I think the second power down in there resets the date.

I'm using a python hack that shows both the T2 time string and the status 
page.  When I set the date, the status page shows the new date.  The T2 date 
doesn't change.  When the GPS gets synced up, the T2 date and status page 
date both jump to goodness.

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