[time-nuts] LT1016 as a pulse shaper...

David C. Partridge david.partridge at perdrix.co.uk
Sat Mar 3 12:38:49 EST 2018

You might consider using MC74VHC1GT14 or MC74VHC1G14 (Schmitt trigger inverting buffers) depending on the exact voltage levels.

They are fast (74AC logic fast) single gate devices in SC70 (SOT-353) or SOT23-5 case and can drive 25mA output if needed.

I've seen documents saying that using fast logic gates can result in lower jitter/phase noise.  Bruce - do you know ?


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I have so far been using LT1016 as a pulse shaper and also whenever I needed toconvert a sine wave into TTL Logic levels. Some hysteresis and all the decouplingand layout precautions as recommended by LT.
Are there any similar or better alternatives out there that could be usedthat would provide lower jitter and that are less expenceive?
Ulf Kylenfall
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