[time-nuts] X72 and 1pps

Matthias Jelen Matthias.Jelen at gmx.de
Sat Mar 3 15:41:51 EST 2018

Hello Time-Nuts,

thanks to Mark´s breakout board I was able to fire up my X72 
rubidium. It seems to work fine.

FW is 5.19.

As far as I understand from the (rather crappy) manual, I 
should be able to discipline it to 1pps, but I wasn´t lucky 
using the commands from the manual.

I switched to Lady Heather. It looks like I get TIC results 
from the X72 - The mode is reported as "Free running", so I 
guess this is the difference between the incoming PPS and 
the local one. So far so good, but if I try to enable HW 
disciplining, nothing happens. Also strange, "PPS IN" is 
reported as "OFF"...

Did anyone on this list sucessfully discipline the X72 to 
external PPS? Or has a manual that fits better to the 5.19 
FW? Or can shine some light on how the X72 1PPS feature is 
supposed to work? Any hints are highly appreciated.

Thanks & regards,


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