[time-nuts] While we are talking about Z3801's

John Green wpxs472 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 3 19:20:02 EST 2018

Mine has quit achieving lock. It goes back a ways. I had it in storage for
a while. When I got it out of storage, It took about 2 weeks to lock. It
would go into holdover sometimes for no reason I could ever discover. I
lost the ability to communicate with it. Then, one of the Lucent DC/DC
converters blew. After replacing that, it locked for a few days then
refused to lock again. In desperation, I changed out all the tantalum
capacitors with no effect. Next, I purchased a replacement Motorola GPS
receiver off eBay and tried that. Nothing. It has been back in storage
since. I plan on checking the 10 MHz output to see if it still has one and
to see just how far off it is. After reading about someone else's trouble,
i wonder if my OCXO has aged out.

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