[time-nuts] LT1016 as a pulse shaper...

Leo Bodnar leo at leobodnar.com
Sun Mar 4 04:34:01 EST 2018


What level of jitter would you consider acceptable?

Try PL133-37, I am using it for sinewave shaping on some of designs - including my 30ps pulser.


On 3 Mar 2018, at 21:56, time-nuts-request at febo.com wrote:

> From: Ulf Kylenfall <ulf_r_k at yahoo.com>
> Gentlemen,
> I have so far been using LT1016 as a pulse shaper and also whenever I needed toconvert a sine wave into TTL Logic levels. Some hysteresis and all the decouplingand layout precautions as recommended by LT.
> Are there any similar or better alternatives out there that could be usedthat would provide lower jitter and that are less expenceive?
> Ulf Kylenfall

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