[time-nuts] Microsemi up for sale?

Anders Wallin anders.e.e.wallin at gmail.com
Sun Mar 4 08:22:54 EST 2018

> richard at karlquist.com said:
> > 2.  Magnetic state selection, as used in the 5071A, would be replaced by
> > optical pumping.  Len Cutler was heartbroken that HP/Agilent management
> > wouldn't fund this effort.
> > It turns out that, even now in 2018, optical pumping is not ready for
> prime
> > time in a working standard because the lasers drift over time.
> Is there something fundamental in there, or is the lack of products because
> nobody has made the big investment required to figure out how to do it.

FWIW, OSA has been giving at leat one talk per year on their optical Cs
work, and as others have noted it's been coming "real soon" for a couple of
years now.
Here are some links:
2015 November:

2017 April:

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