[time-nuts] WTB: HP/Agilent/Symmetricom 58517A Distribution Amplifier

Ole Petter Rønningen opronningen at gmail.com
Fri May 18 14:31:22 EDT 2018

Just a heads up, in case you’re not concious of the fact; at least my HP splitter (can’t recall model# off hand) is strictly L1 - many others are wide band and will allow L2 and whatever else you might later want.


> 18. mai 2018 kl. 16:35 skrev Clay Autery <cautery at montac.com>:
> Gotcha....  and agree....
> The 58516a/58517a as the main distro amp allows me to power the antenna with a separate supply (for many reasons).
> Essentially, I want to replace the 4-way with an 8-way amp with same power setup.
> Then if I want to cascade unpowered splitters from one or more unity gain ports on the distro amp, I can do that.  <smile>
> For much of what I am/will be doing, I want to be able to provide "equal access" to antenna signal to designated devices to control variables somewhat.
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>> On 05/18/18 08:50, Bob kb8tq wrote:
>> Hi
>> From what I have seen, it is a rare setup that requires all amplified distribution. Yes,
>> it is possible. Unless you are in that rare case, the MiniCircuits eight and sixteen port
>> splitters do a great job for *way* less money.
>> Bob
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