[time-nuts] GPIB interfaces these days

Forrest Christian (List Account) lists at packetflux.com
Fri Nov 2 04:39:49 EDT 2018

I use a national instruments PCI-GPIB card in a Windows 10 PC, works just
fine.   Usually can find them <$100 on eBay.

I've also used a HP/Agilent 82357A (or B) which does USB-GPIB for those
cases when you need it for a laptop or something else without a pci or pcie

I understand the USB ones in particular are prone to being counterfeited,
but evidently most of the counterfeit ones work even though they're not
original HP/Agilent.

There are various other options out there, for instance prologix (and
possibly others) make a GPIB-ETHERNET converter which will convert GPIB
instruments to network instruments.

On Fri, Nov 2, 2018 at 2:05 AM Rex <rexa at sonic.net> wrote:

> So I've got some test equipment devices (mostly HP) with GPIB (or
> actually HPIB) connectors. Also a few others as non-HP stuff.
> Mostly I have talked to them with a NI GPIB card in a PCMCIA slot in a
> laptop. Works great but the small notebook PC I have with a PCMIA slot
> is from the early 2000's and I'm worrying what if it dies. It is running
> XP but usually not on the internet.
> I also have a couple very early aluminum case Prologix USB interfaces
> that I haven't tried to use in 10 years. I think I remember hearing
> these early ones had some issues, and I'd have to dig to re-learn how to
> talk to them.
> So I haven't looked at GPIB interface devices in a long time but I'm
> getting a bit paranoid about the good NI PCMCIA card in a very old PC.
> I don't remember seeing much discussion about this lately.
> Is there anything new I should look at. I would have thought there might
> be something with Arduino or maybe Ras Pi by now, possibly needing some
> interfacing hardware, but I'm not aware of anything.
> So, any advice from the group?  Old or new. Are my very old Prologix
> interfaces still worth looking at?
> -Rex
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