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Yep, the 05328-60038.board was definitely used in the 5328A counter. I'm thinking that assembly was in the early serial numbers of the counter. 
I'll send the manual pages to you by separate email. That should get you headed in the right direction. 
Good luck with your project! 

Dave M 

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> Brian, 
> The support board part number indicates that it was used in a model HP 
> 5328A or B counter. I find that some versions of that model used a 
> 05328-60027 board. Maybe you misread the part number? 

No, the number etched into the board is 05328-20027. It is very clear. On 
the other side of the board is an ink stamp which reads 05328-60038. Is it 
possible that the stamped number is the assembly number while the etched 
number is for the board itself? 

Anyway, There are a number of complete manuals for the 5328A & B counters 
> on the web, available for free download. Here are a few links: 
> http://bama.edebris.com/manuals/ 
> http://www.ebaman.com/index.php/remository/ELECTRONICS/Test-Equipment/ 
> http://www.ko4bb.com/manuals/ 
> http://www.keysight.com/main/facet.jspx?t=79910.g.3&cc=US&lc=eng&sm=g&no=0 
> A check into the Federal Supply System indicates that that model 
> oscillator was an alternate for the venerable 10544 anA dA counter 10811 oscillators, 
> so pinouts should be the same as those models. 

Thank you. 

> Cheers, 
> Dave M 
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> I have an OCXO I pulled from a dead HP counter. The oscillator itself is a 
> Piezo Systems 2810007-1 and it is plugged into, what appears to be, a 
> buffer board, HP part number D23703F 05328-20027. 
> Three questions: 
> 1. Does anyone have the pinout for the oscillator? 
> 2. Does anyone have the pinout for the buffer board? 
> 3. Does anyone have a 15-pin card-edge connector for the buffer board? 
> My plan is to turn it into a GPSDO. 
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