[time-nuts] Racal Dana 9478 frequency distribution system with option 04B high stability oven (5x10^-10/day aging rate).

Dr. David Kirkby drkirkby at kirkbymicrowave.co.uk
Sun Nov 4 05:44:11 EST 2018

I want a distribution amplifier to distribute 10 MHz from an HP GPS
receiver to various bits of test kit - spectrum analyzer, VNA, signal
generators, HP 5370B time interval counters, signal generators etc.
Currently I am using 75 ohm video amplifiers, but I suspect that is sub
optimal. I also don't like the form factor of this amplifier - I would
prefer a 19" rack mount unit.

Does anyone know how well the Racial 9478 performs? If my understanding is
correct  this is not simply an amplifier, but has its own internal high
stability reference oscillator, which then feeds 9 independent outputs, all
of which have their own amplifier. The internal OCXO will phase lock that
to an external reference.

Fundamentally, it does not seem a great idea to me to lock one OCXO to GPS
then lock a second OCXO to the first  OCXO.  But maybe I am mistaken.

I have the chance to buy one for £150 (GBP) but are a bit worried the

Any comments?


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