[time-nuts] hp 10544A and 10811A ovenized oscillators

Dr. Frank frank.stellmach at freenet.de
Mon Nov 5 13:23:03 EST 2018

 > Hi
 > A failed ( = cold) oven on either a normal OCXO should give you a 
"tens of ppm” sort of frequency error. At 10 MHz that would be over 100 
Hz.  Fractions of a ppm are less likely to be oven issues.

 > Bob

You're completely right about the ballpark of a total failure..

Anyhow, I would check the correct operation of the oven; the 10811 oven 
draws about 500mA cold, which goes down to about 150mA after 15 minutes, 
when it's warm.

I'd also check the continuity / resistance of the NTC, which can easily 
be accessed by just opening the metal top cover (leaving the 2 screws 
for the connctor alone), and gently pulling off the styrofoam lid.


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