[time-nuts] Racal Dana 9478 frequency distribution system with option 04B high stability oven (5x10^-10/day aging rate).

George Atkinson robertg8rpi at virginmedia.com
Thu Nov 8 10:21:44 EST 2018

The 9478 is an excellent unit but slightly unconventional. It does not discipline the internal OXCO to the external standard when present. It has a 10MHz PLL VFO tat is locked to either the internal OCXO or external refernce depeding what is available. If the external reference is present te VFO is locked to that and the internal OCXO is on but not used. If the external refernce is missing the internal OXCO is used. Effectively when used with an external reference the internal OXCO is a backup.
The service manual is out on the web nd it would nt be difficult to re-configure a 9478 as a dumb 10MHz Distribution unit but this would b a waste. 19" video distribution amplifiers are out there too.
I do have a spare NOS Austron modular 3U 19" rack with distribution modules in it but I'd have to check exactly what it has and I'm in the USA at the moment. If you are interested I can look when I get bck next week.
Robert G8RPI

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