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I made a mistake in the previous post we use the ICS 570 with very good results in many applications. So it was easy to test. This has to be the easiest and lowest cost circuit. Start with an AC14 ST, followed by a divide by 5. I used part of a HC390 but a LS 90 will do. Take the 2 MHz output feed the input of the 570 and select 16X out comes 32 and 16 MHz. Material cost less than $ 5 regulator included.
Bert Kehren
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Moot point with free running clock oscillators in the digitising soundcards often used.  Some of the all in one cards with fast A/D's andFPGA's etc can take an external frequency reference.
Some "adjustment" of the data can be done in software, to calibrate thefrequency domain.  Smoke and mirrors!
But yes, good point.
Dave B.
PS: Thanks to whoever mentioned the ICS525 or 527 IC's.  Oddly, I'd notcome across that family of chips before.  I'm currently messing with anold-school MC145151 PLL chip, to lock a 20.48MHz VCXO to 10MHz.  I"abuse" the IC by swapping the reference and VCXO inputs to get theneeded division ratios (for an 80kHz phase comparison frequency.)
That and referencing the tuning diode from the +supply so the looptuning is the right way around seems to work scarily well.
The ICS525 would be a better bet perhaps, if I had to manufacture dozensof the things.  However, making PCB's is an issue for me (no creationfacilities nor experience with the needed layout software) so "dead bug"construction is the way at the moment!   Fun times...

------------------------------------------------------------------------On 30/09/18 17:00, time-nuts-request at lists.febo.com wrote:> From: Pete Lancashire <pete at petelancashire.com>>>> It surprises me how the SDR designers in 90% of the cases don't even allow> for an external clock. It's like accuracy never came into thought.
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