[time-nuts] Timed photography

Achim Gratz Stromeko at nexgo.de
Mon Oct 1 15:18:00 EDT 2018

Peter Vince writes:
> Tom - I love the idea of taking (a series of) accurately timed
> photograph(s), but have no idea how to go about it - can you please explain
> how you did it for your mains-driven clock?

For video you'd need to start with a camera that has a genlock interface
and then frame-sync it on top of the syntonization provided by the
genlock.  I'm not sure the current consumer crop would provide an
interface to do that.  For still pictures, external triggers are
available even on some low-end cameras, although you might need to
experiment a bit to figure out exactly what the delay is and whether it
is changing with the exposure settings.  That should be good to time the
trigger to a few dozen ms and a bit better if the exposure conditions
can be fixed, higher precision usually requires specialized cameras.  A
tried solution in high-speed photography is to use an open shutter (or
one way slower than you need) and just (strobo-)trigger the flash, which
can usually be more precisely controlled (plus it's easier to figure out
when it actually triggered so you can remove systematic offsets).  If
you're serious about it, external high-speed shutters that can be
triggered more precisely than most cameras also exist.

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