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In the seventies at TI most software was done in the Equipment Group and they did super stuff.We send emails globally and when I traveled I did it with a Silent 700. Did performance reviews from Norway using rubber cups and phone handset.Military group was an other story.. Lost our shirt on GPS because we underestimated the software part 300K code. Was a wake up call and I was asked to set up a department strictly for code development. Did focus on management. Never in my professional life had an 8 to 5 job. Just like Rick, Fortran 50 years ago and focus on the job at hand. Most my professional life was ion management.  After retirement fortunate to meet Brook Shera and Richard Mc Corkle and still looking for team members to fill their void.We have some exciting projectsBert Kehren

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richard at karlquist.com said:> At least for me. I took 1 course in Fortran 50 years ago, and that was the> extent of my software education. During my whole career, I have too busy> being well paid to design hardware, to have any time left over to learn> software.  After Fortran was over, there was the Pascal fad, then the C fad,> etc, now I guess Python is the latest. Never got involved in any of that. 
All the hardware people I've worked with have been reasonably happy working on software.  That may be more common in the digital world.
As an example, most people write PAL code as logic equations rather than schematics.
It would be interesting to compare the costs of hardware vs software for a big chip project over time.

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