[time-nuts] 53230A TIC and TimeLab

AC0XU (Jim) James.Schatzman at ac0xu.com
Wed Oct 3 22:04:59 EDT 2018

I have recently acquited a 53230A counter and have tried to measure ADEV of a GPSDO with it. I am suspicious of the ADEV numbers reported by TimeLab V1.31 because

1) Timelab disagrees significantly with the ADEV numbers reported by the 53230A itself.  In this case, with 1 sec sample intervals, the 53230A reports an ADEV of about 370 micro Hz (or 3.7e-11). Time lab reports  1.5e-11 @0.01 sec sample period, 2e-11 @0.1 sec sample period, 6e-11 @1sec sample period - all at tau=1sec.

2) When I use TimeLab to select different sample intervals, the whole ADEV curve shifts left (with smaller sample intervals) or right (with larger sample intervals).

Its as if TimeLab does not correctly account for the sample interval, but am I just not using the Timelab/counter setup correctly?


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