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Tom Van Baak tvb at LeapSecond.com
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Bob, et al.

In general there's no problem using the list to sell or trade or give-away T&F gear. Especially if it's good stuff like what you have! The only thing we ask is that this benefit of using time-nuts as a marketplace be used sparingly. Some suggestions...

It's best to collect a pile of what you want to get rid of and make one (1) posting with a list of items, or even a URL to a web page. Also specify that inquiries about the items be sent to you privately rather than involving the entire 1800-member list -- and give your email address in plain text since many member email clients don't handle group reply correctly. Then, after the items are sold, make one (1) posting indicating that the items are no longer available. Thus, in an ideal world, there are just two bookend postings.

Once or a couple times a year per person would be about right. Again, please use the list to share amongst fellow time-nuts. That's what it's here for. Share your questions, your experience, your experiments, your results. Share web sites or professional papers you run across. And share your old gear. But the main thing is to keep the SNR of the list high, with postings that have significant technical content. Note that even an annotated list of items for sale can be an educational opportunity, especially for newcomers to the group.

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> Time-Nuts,
>   It has been pointed out that I've been a bit draconoian.
> If you will be out of touch from the middle of next week on and are 
> interested in oscillators, feel free to enter your requests now. 
> Also let me know when you will be back in contact.
> Lastly, I thought I'd given all the step attenuators away but one of
> the individuals who responded hasn't gotten back to me so I have one
> available. let me know why you want it and it is yours.
> Best,
> Bob
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