[time-nuts] PRS10 MDEV

Chris Burford CBURFORD1 at austin.rr.com
Sun Oct 14 22:07:49 EDT 2018

Hello All,
I've collected several data sets over the last few days from my RFS
and I'm puzzled by what I'm seeing. A link to the plot is here:
I'm looking at the averaging periods from about 100 thru 400 tau and
noticed a "plateau" or a brief level off period and then it proceeds
down and right again. Is this flat area a function of the averaging
algorithms for the MDEV or is it something else?
I have spent considerable time in reading "Techniques for Frequency
Stability Analysis" by W.J. Riley and a host of other publications
(NIST, etc) in preparation for this. I would enjoy hearing from any
readers that may have some insight as to what I'm seeing and or
possible causes.
Thanks for reading.

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