[time-nuts] Oscillators Away

Bob Martin aphid1 at comcast.net
Tue Oct 16 21:07:56 EDT 2018


   I've processed all the oscillator requests and have made 
decisions. In addition to the huge demand for the Rubidium's, many 
people  asked for 10MHz OCXOs.  I'm sorry if you wanted and didn't
get one. I tried to base things on the stated need for an oscillator
while roughly factoring in the quality of the oscillator for the
application. Thank you for all the interesting stories about your

   I'll be sending emails to recipients in the next day or so.
There are still a few available and some recipients may not reply. 
I'll create a new list from the residuals and post it.

It seems fair to tell you who got the Rubidium's and why.

The PRS10B will go to Attila Kinali. I enjoy his posts and his
proposed use for it.  Having worked with scientists for a good
part of my career, I appreciate those who like to make measurements. 
I also support those starting out in their fields. Maybe he will 
change his major.

The other Rubidium has a more interesting "trajectory". It is loaned
to Tom Van Baak who will help fly it under a balloon in his quest to 
again demponstrate part of the General Theory of Relativity. It then 
goes to Mark Simms who wants to add support for it to Lady Heather. 
After that Tom will give it away to one of you.

As usual, if you want to respond to me personally, send your email 
to aphid1 at comcast.net


Bob Martin

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