[time-nuts] FS: Huber+Suhner Astrolab Minibend 8" jumper cables SMA 26GHz

Alexander Huemer alexander.huemer at xx.vu
Thu Oct 18 15:08:48 EDT 2018


On Thu, Oct 18, 2018 at 10:23:58AM -0700, Loron, Peter wrote:
> I have a number of Astrolab / Huber+Suhner L-8.5 SMA 50 Ohm  jumper 
> cables. For sale. These are low loss metal jacketed jumpers good to 
> 26GHz. $10 each. Free shipping in the US. Will ship worldwide. Please 
> contact off list if interested.

What would you charge for shipping to Austria, Europe?
Also, how would I be able to pay you?

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