[time-nuts] Residual Oscillators

Bob Martin aphid1 at comcast.net
Thu Oct 25 00:05:37 EDT 2018


   Most of the oscillators have arrived at their new homes.
   There are still a few left including some nice ones.

  OCXO Symmetricom STP2640 LF 10MHz sine. This was pulled off a 
board and there is no data on it. I have marked the pinout on the bottom
(Vasco please note this).

  OCXO Morion MV200 10MHz sine
  Attached to mixer based locking circuitry
  Designed to lock to external 10MHz reference.
  If you want it, you will need to show how you plan to use
  it appropriately.

  OXCO MTI Milliren 250-0700-B 5.0MHz sine
  Mounted in cast Bud box with iso-amp to raise output level.

  OCXO MTI Milliren 220-0199 32MHz square quant = 2 Boards
  Note the revised specs:
  Output of board is 32MHz square wave 2.5V into 50 ohms.
  These "Lockoscillator" boards were designed to lock
  automatically to 5 or 10MHz reference. Locking is
  mixer/integrator based. Used in 5MHz steered DDS's.
  If you want one you will need to have be explicit
  regarding your application.

Osc 12
   OXCO MTI Milliren 220-0199 32.0MHz square 2 remaining

  OXCO MTI Milliren 220-0224 77.76MHz square 1/2 SONET OC-3 frequency

  VCXO Vectron 155.52MHz PECL out - SONET OC-3 frequency

The link to images, along with a few datasheets is below:


I'd prefer they to go to those who will use them.
So, if you want one, please tell me how you plan to incorporate it 
into your timing system.

Please be sure to contact me off-list to spare the group and the
moderator from unwanted messages. My email is aphid1 at comcast.net


Bob Martin

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