[time-nuts] OCXO Board

Bob kb8tq kb8tq at n1k.org
Fri Oct 26 16:21:05 EDT 2018


I think what is needed is somebody to stand up and say “ok, I’ll handle all the
ordering and shipping stuff”. No, that somebody is not me …. sorry about that. 
There are a *lot* more board designs than just this one floating around. This could
turn into a fairly complex little enterprise. 

If the first boards really are “well under $1 each” sort of boards (and I’m quite sure they are),
doing this one board at a time is going to be …. errr… nutty. I’d suggest that 
something like groups of 5 (or maybe even 10 if then are < <. $1 is likely the 
smallest rational increment to play with. When shipping is more than the 
stuff in the envelope … that’s silly. 

Since you pretty much always see people coming back a while later wondering 
if they can get more boards on anything like this, getting a few extras is never
a bad idea. 

So who has way too much time on their hands and *really* likes driving to the post office?
Hmmm …. not many hands raised. Probably a good idea to include the thought that 
there *should* be something in the deal for the poor person doing all the work. I’d say
they should get at least as much as the post office does …. just saying …..


> On Oct 26, 2018, at 3:35 PM, Patrick Murphy <fgdhrtey at gmail.com> wrote:
> Not to be a "me too", but I think there will be some interest for this
> board. Including a couple for me. :-)
> -Pat (KG5YPQ)
>> Dave wrote:
>> Yep!! Count me in for a few also!! maybe 4 or 5...
>> Dave M
>> Wes wrote:
>> I'm not up to doing the whole project, but I would certain be
>> interested in 2 or 3 boards for sure.
>> Wes Stewart N7WS
>> On 10/26/2018 5:51 AM, Bob Martin wrote:
>>> Bert,
>>> That looks like a useful board. Certainly some of the oscillators
>>> I'm giving away would fit nicely on it. Since it looks like a two
>>> layer board, a quick check at pcbway.com puts the cost at $.79
>>> apiece at the 100 quantity exclusive of shipping.
>>> Best,
>>> Bob Martin
>>> On 10/26/2018 4:17 AM, ew via time-nuts wrote:
>>>> There recently was a request for an OCXO board. I did a layout, see
>>>> attached and had Corby do his usual QC test.
>>>> If some one is interested to make boards and maybe sell to other
>>>> time nuts please contact me off list and I will get you code and
>>>> possible suppliers.
>>>> Board does not have an amp but could be added, if so, please
>>>> advise, what should be added. Regardless what the direct output
>>>> will remain
>>>> Bert Kehren
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