[time-nuts] Tbolt GPS for sale

Jerry jreed123 at cox.net
Tue Oct 30 18:03:25 EDT 2018

Subject: Tbolt GPS for sale
I am selling my Trimble 10 MHz Thunderbolt GPS disciplined frequency
standard.  This is the older unit with the power connector on the top and
labeled AA002206.G1, Rev E, 3-2-05.  It is mounted in an aluminum box
designed for disk drives that is about 5 in. wide X 7 in. high and 10 in.
deep.  It has a +12, -12, 5 v power supply inside and also a fan running at
reduced speed mounted on the rear. AC Power in and the 10 MHz out,  the
1PPS out and the RS-232 connector are all mounted on the rear panel.  There
is a 2 line display module mounted on the front that displays the time and
other info from the RS-232 output from the tbolt.  The module was sold by a
company called Fluke.1 and runs firmware from KO0BB.  The display module
needs some attention as it is somewhat dim and has the GPS Week Rollover
problem that confuses its date display.  I am also including the outdoor
bullet antenna.  Other than the display module everything works fine. It
runs both the Tboltmon and Lady Heather programs without errors and shows
all 8 satellites in the green.  I am selling because it is a better 10 MHz
unit than I need with my ham gear and I am now running a couple of the
small Chinese GPS disciplined units.  I am asking $250.00 shipped and
insured to the lower 48.  I would prefer a Bank of America Cashiers check
or a Postal Money Order.  I have pictures and if you give me a phone number
I will be happy to answer questions.  I am in the Phoenix AZ area and if
you are close I would be happy to demo and of course lower the price if no
shipping is required
73 Jerry

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