[time-nuts] Tbolt GPS for sale

Dana Whitlow k8yumdoober at gmail.com
Tue Oct 30 18:27:13 EDT 2018


Please contact me off-list.  I have questions, and might be very
interested in your T'bolt.

Dana      k8yumdoober at gmail.com     (830) 896-6712

On Tue, Oct 30, 2018 at 5:05 PM Jerry <jreed123 at cox.net> wrote:

> Subject: Tbolt GPS for sale
> I am selling my Trimble 10 MHz Thunderbolt GPS disciplined frequency
> standard.  This is the older unit with the power connector on the top and
> labeled AA002206.G1, Rev E, 3-2-05.  It is mounted in an aluminum box
> designed for disk drives that is about 5 in. wide X 7 in. high and 10 in.
> deep.  It has a +12, -12, 5 v power supply inside and also a fan running at
> reduced speed mounted on the rear. AC Power in and the 10 MHz out,  the
> 1PPS out and the RS-232 connector are all mounted on the rear panel.  There
> is a 2 line display module mounted on the front that displays the time and
> other info from the RS-232 output from the tbolt.  The module was sold by a
> company called Fluke.1 and runs firmware from KO0BB.  The display module
> needs some attention as it is somewhat dim and has the GPS Week Rollover
> problem that confuses its date display.  I am also including the outdoor
> bullet antenna.  Other than the display module everything works fine. It
> runs both the Tboltmon and Lady Heather programs without errors and shows
> all 8 satellites in the green.  I am selling because it is a better 10 MHz
> unit than I need with my ham gear and I am now running a couple of the
> small Chinese GPS disciplined units.  I am asking $250.00 shipped and
> insured to the lower 48.  I would prefer a Bank of America Cashiers check
> or a Postal Money Order.  I have pictures and if you give me a phone number
> I will be happy to answer questions.  I am in the Phoenix AZ area and if
> you are close I would be happy to demo and of course lower the price if no
> shipping is required
> 73 Jerry
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