[time-nuts] MEMS oscillators

Julien Goodwin time-nuts at studio442.com.au
Wed Oct 31 17:54:27 EDT 2018

Reminds me a little of the crazy Eidophor projectors.

"An Eidophor was a television projector used to create theater-sized
images. The name Eidophor is derived from the Greek word-roots ‘eido’
and ‘phor’ meaning 'image' and 'bearer' (carrier). Its basic technology
was the use of electrostatic charges to deform an oil surface."



On 31/10/18 04:39, Joe Leikhim wrote:
> This is fascinating. I am a bit skeptical if this actually happened.
> I had an opportunity to meet an engineer that was involved with early
> HDTV development. Apparently early in his career he invented a color
> projection CRT for cinema. It had some sort of target inside of it (I
> think plastic) that was subjected to the electron beam but would outgas
> hydrogen in significant amounts and that hydrogen would ionize in the
> electron beam which was undesired. So they incorporated a band of
> titanium around the neck of the tube and the titanium apparently allows
> hydrogen to collect and migrate through it even though there is a vacuum
> inside the tube. It worked as intended. Then the Chinese tried to
> replicate the design and did not use a titanium band because they had no
> idea it had a purpose. Their tubes failed miserably.

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