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Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Sat Sep 1 02:38:23 EDT 2018


On 08/31/2018 12:18 AM, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
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> In message <96e995c4-5ca2-af02-9738-0a6d87a9f813 at pacific.net>, Brooke Clarke writes:
>> But it's extremely hard to make a jammer for WWVB (60 kHz) [...]
> You can do it city-scale with a 18-wheeler sized loop-antenna
> and a good size diesel-generator.
> However pedestrians will very likely note metalic items vibrating
> as they pass the "mystery white truck".
> Sweden were much more serious about it:
> 	http://www.antus.org/RT02.html
> Tl;drs:
> They erected 9 200m tall Loran-C class antennas each driven by
> a Loran-C transmitter with an advanced degree which could jam
> Loran-C or Chayka.
> They even mounted decoy parabolas on the towers them to hide their
> true purpose.
> The fact that all the transmitters were on the east coast does drop
> a hint that swedens much touted neutrality had a bit of a slant.

The "On" switch of the network where in the air defenece bunker. It was
only marked with "På" (Swedish for On) with no further markings. It was
designed for when the soviet bombers comes, at least they should loose
their Chayka guidance.

I knew one of the folks that where boss over the system, was to his
funeral recently. He also worked hard to get the classified material and
make a public report out of it. Time to refresh your swedish, as I doubt
any translations exist in public.


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