[time-nuts] Lots of Off Topic discussion

David G. McGaw david.g.mcgaw at dartmouth.edu
Sat Sep 1 10:13:59 EDT 2018

I consider saving WWV/WWVH/WWVB to be ON topic.  They may not be as 
precise as some on this list like to achieve, but they are publicly 
available methods of time dissemination.  I am very concerned that 
factions of NIST consider that this should no longer be part of their 

David N1HAC

On 9/1/18 9:07 AM, David C. Partridge wrote:
> Guys,
> The noise level has risen rather high lately.  I really think that
> discussions of jamming of GPS and other systems are not relevant.
> The loss of WWVx is also mostly OT as I don't believe that anyone seriously
> still uses it for a time/frequency reference these days.
> Dave
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