[time-nuts] WWV/WWVB in NTP surveys

Björn bg at lysator.liu.se
Sun Sep 2 10:18:32 EDT 2018


There are LF receivers available commercially today. See links below for one vendor.

and even an USB version for the NIST signal.


And there seems to be options for wwvb reception also in 1u 19” format.



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> On 2 Sep 2018, at 15:48, Tim Shoppa <tshoppa at gmail.com> wrote:
> Some stats in historic NTP surveys show that WWV and WWVB based refclocks
> were relevant 20+ years ago:
> 1997 - Mills survey - 47 GPS and GOES vs 74 WWV and WWVB.
> 1999 - Minar MIT survey - 129 GPS and GOES vs 24 WWV and WWVB.
> In those two years it is pretty obvious the world was swinging from LF and
> HF refclocks to satellite based refclocks (and also obvious that GOES was
> declining while GPS was on the upswing.)
> As recently as 10 years ago I was running a WWV-based Stratum 1 - it's
> there in the 2005 Brazillian NTP survey data.
> It would be much easier to make a case for continuing WWV service if there
> were commercial WWV based refclocks on the market and used in
> commercial/government applications. 10 years ago I could find WWV time
> clocks in industrial automation catalogs but today, nothing. I'm sure
> there's some installed base.
> Tim N3QE

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